Welcome aboard if you have decided to join the American Culture University, an e-university of its kind in the region.

Knowledge is power! Education is the only "common assets" we have in this world of co-exist of economies.

We believe, no matter where the world is heading or to change, education is always the most invaluable assets man have invested.


It doesn't matter your origins, let's stride on the road of learning to break through the bottle- neck of growth man facing in the new millenniums. The ducks are the first to know the spring rivers are warm, that is why we must anticipate changes that will affect our life, to get ourselves adjusted in this changing world, and the only way is through study.

The education we are going to propagate, besides the usual academic studies which are intended to upgraded one's capability and knowledge so that they will lead in their workplace, we also promote life long learning, because we believe learning should not cease when you get your highest degree. It is also not limited to get a marvelous result in colleges, as learning is now a necessity, a passport to your success.

Apples falling off from trees, no questions asked, people took it for granted. Isaac Newton was the only one who asked the question, which is why he found the gravitational pull of the earth. This is a good lesson to us, it reminds us to stay alert and sharp in details. As there is nothing impossible in this world, if you wish to fulfill your dream, you need to widen the scope of your vision.

We are happy you have enrolled with American Culture University, and using it as a tool to paint a rosy future for you, to transform yourself into a new being. 

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